I’ve always had a dynamic checklist of things I want to do in life. However, I was inspired by Chip Huyen to officially list them down. This list is forever growing and I am looking forward to exciting external inputs (such as yours 🫡🏻) to extend it even further πŸ“.

Updated On Progress Total Percentage
May 14, 2024 34 90 37.78%

S. No. Activity Status Remarks
1. Live in Europe ❌  
2. Start a school in India ❌  
3. Become the first author of a paper at a top-tier conference ❌  
4. Read 1000 books ❌ 60/1000
5. Take a hot-air balloon ride ❌  
6. Go on a submarine cruise βœ… My father used to design submarines for the Indian Navy πŸ˜„
7. Run a half marathon ❌  
8. Scuba dive βœ… I received my Open Water PADI certification from Tioman, Malaysia 🀿
9. Learn to drive a car βœ… Β 
10. Body transformation ❌ I want to wear this dress
11. Publish a Python package βœ… ModulemdTranslationHelpers
12. Start a scholarship to support girls ❌  
13. Pose goofily in front of an important monument ❌  
14. Eat at Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck ❌ Β 
15. Go on an African safari βœ… Went on a day + night jungle safari in South Africa in 2017 🐘
16. Go on a Camping Trip βœ… Solang Valley, Manali, 2012
17. See the Northern Lights ❌  
18. Learn to play a music instrument ❌ Partial ukulele doesn’t count
19. Fall madly in love with a fictional character βœ… Peeta Mellark πŸ’œ
20. Experience Zero gravity ❌  
21. Visit 100 countries ❌ Visited: 6 , With layovers: 11
22. Climb Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt βœ… Β 
23. Climb Great wall, China ❌  
24. Cook dinner for a date ❌  
25. Eat 5+ varieties of pasta and wine in Italy ❌ Including pasta alla ruota
26. Visit Disneyland and get a picture with Snow white ❌  
27. Celebrate halloween completely dressed up ❌  
28. Study in a foreign university βœ… Β 
29. Learn a 3rd language βœ… Β 
30. Be a speaker at an exclusive conference βœ… PyCon, 2020
31. Be a Ted speaker ❌  
32. Give a keynote ❌  
33. Solo travel across Europe ❌  
34. Paraglide βœ… Β 
35. River raft βœ… 14kms Kulu-Manali, and I jumped in the water volunteerily πŸ›Ά
36. Travel across Switzerland with parents ❌  
37. Buy expensive jewellery for momma βœ… I should probably keep it as ❌ because once is never enough! πŸ˜„
38. Go on a foreign trip with my best friend ❌  
39. Have a spectacular 25th birthday βœ… Β 
40. Go on a fully sponsored international trip βœ… Β 
41. Be an opensource fellow βœ… Outreachy Fellow, 2019
42. Buy a house with a pool/jacuzzi ❌  
43. Open a restaurant ❌  
44. Have a chocolate fountain at my wedding ❌  
45. Be involved in cancer research ❌  
46. Go to Legoland ❌  
47. Go to Universal Studios Theme Park βœ… Β 
48. Go to Warner Brothers Theme Park βœ… Β 
49. Go to Harry Potter World ❌  
50. Visit the Friends set ❌  
51. Attend a concert of an artist I follow βœ… 3+
52. Work for Selena Gomez ❌  
53. Meet Suzanne Collins ❌  
54 Get a phd in AI fairness ❌  
55. Do something unbelievably stupid βœ… Β 
56. Have a reputation era βœ… iykyk
57. Perform on a stage like a popstar βœ… Zombies, Effervescence, 2019
58. Win a university gold medal βœ… Β 
59. Win a scholarship βœ… Β 
60. Skydive ❌  
61. Go to CrimeCon ❌  
62. Eat a Chicago deepdish pizza ❌  
63. Attend Coachella ❌  
64. Wear a bikini ❌  
65. Ride on scooties with friends ❌  
66. Get a massage in Thailand ❌  
67. Visit Amsterdam ❌  
68. Eat at the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore ❌  
69. Do the high-heel boots, coffee-in-hand working woman bit in Times Square ❌  
70. Win something in a casino ❌  
71. Watch a movie in an open air theatre βœ… Β 
72. Learn how to do exceptional makeup ❌  
73. Visit all states in India ❌ 22/28 states, 7/8 union territories
74. Go on a meditation retreat for a week ❌  
75. Visit Rome just like Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons ❌ Β 
76. See penguins in their natural habitat βœ… Capetown, SA
77. Learn to snowboard ❌  
78. Play really good badminton βœ… Β 
79. Learn 5 sports properly βœ… Β 
80. Watch Black Swan at an Opera ❌  
81. Watch cricket in a stadium βœ… Β 
82. Work at Google ❌  
83. Hold a leadership position in big tech ❌  
84. Watch basketball in a stadium ❌  
85. Watch football in a stadium ❌  
86. Be a live audience member for Dr. Phil πŸ‘΄πŸ» βœ… I was selected as a virtual audience during one of their COVID tapings!
87. Go on top of the tallest building - Burj Khalifa βœ… 157th floor πŸ™οΈ!
89. Boat ride in the longest river in the world - Nile! βœ… Β 
90. Experience snowfall βœ… My favourite memory is eating fresh snow and building a snowman on a glacier β˜ƒοΈ