Crafted with precision and passion, my CV showcases a journey of expertise and achievements, painting a vivid picture of my skills and potential contributions.

General Information

Full Name Niharika Shrivastava
Date of Birth 25 May 1998
Languages English, Hindi


  • 2024
    Master of Computing (AI Specialization)
    National University of Singapore, Singapore
    • GPA - 4.4/5. Honours (Distinction).
    • Key courses.
      • Trustworthy ML.
      • Natural Language Processing.
      • AI Planning and Decision Making.
      • Uncertainty Modelling in AI.
      • Neural Networks and Deep Learning.
      • Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
    • Teaching Assistant.
      • Software Engineering (CS3203).
      • Foundations of AI (CS3263).
      • Big Data Systems for Data Science (CS4225).
  • 2020
    Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology
    Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad
    • GPA - 9.23/10. First Class Honours.
    • Recipient of the Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Kleiner University Gold Medal for academic and innovative excellence.
    • Thesis - “Congestion-Aware Routing for Multi-class Mobility-on-Demand Vehicles”.


  • 2024
    Data Scientist
    Workforce Optimizer, Singapore
    • Spearhead short-term labour demand forecasting for hospitals' large and complex workforce.
  • 2023
    Graduate Research Assistant
    NUS Sound and Music Computing Lab, Singapore
    • Explored multi-modal LLMs with MIDI data to extract hierarchical musical structures in pop songs.
  • 2023
    Data Science Intern
    Synapxe, Singapore
    • Modelled a framework with large language models (LLMs) for generating synthetic clinical reports.
    • Evaluated zero-shot, few-shot, and chaining prompt techniques using LangChain to generate medical reports for 5 major domains given a public dataset (MIMIC-III).
    • Performed fine-tuning of WizardVicuna 13B using QLoRA and increased semantic utility by 7%.
  • 2020-2022
    Software Engineer II, Software Engineer I
    GoTo (Gojek)
    • Maintained the Order Management System and related micro-services of GoFood mobile app to ensure reliable ordering at a scale of 1M+ orders/day.
    • Built high-throughput systems and enhanced system reliability by adopting high-availability solutions such as Patroni PostgreSQL to remove single-point failures.
    • Led the architectural and design decisions for 3+ key customer-facing issues for the GoFood app.
  • 2020
    Undergraduate Research Assistant
    SUTD Robotics Lab, Singapore
    • Developed a socio-optimal vehicle path-planning framework leveraging Constraint Satisfaction Problems to provide congestion-free routes in a city; with an 84% increase in network utilization.
    • Proposed a novel algorithm for optimal path selection in a multi-class set-up (combination of cars, public transport, walking) to dissipate traffic in a capacity-bound transportation network; 64% decreased travel time.
  • 2019
    Software Research Intern
    Outreachy (The Fedora Project)

Honors and Awards

  • 2023
    • Best Paper Award, Advanced Reinforcement Learning (CS6284)
  • 2022
    • University of British Columbia Master of Data Science International Scholarship
  • 2020
    • Runner-Up, Red Hat Women in Open Source Academic Award
    • Best Undergraduate Thesis Award
    • Dean's Merit List
  • 2019
    • Winner, Smart India Hackathon
    • The Linux Foundation Diversity Scholarship
  • 2018
    • Mozilla Open Source Recognition
  • 2017
    • Dean's Merit List

Academic Interests

  • Natural Language Processing.
    • Large Language Models (LLMS).
    • Search and Recommender systems.
  • Trustworthy Machine Learning.
    • Robustness.
    • Privacy.
    • Fairness.
  • Applied Machine Learning.
    • Robotics.
    • Data Science.

Other Interests

  • Hobbies: Singing, Swimming, Reading, Cooking.